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The YouTube Millionaire channel

YouTube Millionaire was originally a secret channel before it was made public.

The channel is mainly about if Philip Adams can make $1,000,000 in the next ten years using only YouTube. Philip has made multiple channels to assist in the experiment, some being more active than others.

Channel Description[edit | edit source]

'Is it possible to make $1,000,000 on Youtube within the next 10 years? Let's give it a go! Watch as I manage a ton of different channels and see which grow the fastest :)'

'Ever heard of the game "Youtubers Life?" Well, this series will let you take a look at a real Youtuber's Life! Instead of only managing 1 channel however, we will be managing several channels with different themes and videos all at once and track their subscribers, views and earnings on this channel each month.

'Over time we will experiment with creating new channels with new and unique ideas to see how well they fare on Youtube. What makes a successful channel and how long does it take for Youtube channels to grow? How much can you earn per month with channels that have over a million subscribers? All these questions will be answered throughout this series over the next 10 years so start watching now and follow me on my journey!'

'As you watch this series though, please remember one important fact! I'm not doing this series for the fame, fortune or glory. I'm doing it because I'm passionate about making Youtube videos and of course, I want to make a unique series about what it is actually like being a Youtuber, gaining views and subscribers while earning money.'

Channels tracked in the experiment[edit | edit source]



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OSFT Historic VLogs




YouTube Millionaire

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