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A month after creating OSFirstTimer, Philip started the TerrifiedMum channel after the popular request for her to play scary games. Philip gets Diana to try scary games, such as "The Scary Maze Game" or "Slender", but also to test various gaming devices, such as the "Oculus Rift". The channel is semi-active with the occasional upload and videos are recorded with face-cam for Diana's reactions, her reactions are often repeated slowed down for comedy effect, in 2017 Philip started adding videos of Diana watching on YouTube, focusing on OSFirstTimer YTPs. The channel was previewed on OSFirstTimer with brief clips of the Slenderman playthrough - Mum Tries Out Computer Games - New Channel in 2012.

File:TerrifiedMum Channel Banner Eyes.png

Philip's Channel Description:[edit | edit source]

"She's been trying many operating systems but what about games? Yep, the time has come to terrify her with a bunch of horrifying games. Oh and yes... shes never played computer games before so I guess you can call this "GameFirstTimer" lol ;)"

"Videos are recorded more professionally than my OSFirstTimer videos with screen recorded footage of the game and my mum's reactions to it in a facecam at the bottom."

The TerrifiedMum YouTube channel, as of September 2023

Games Played[edit | edit source]

  1. Slenderman
  2. Portal
  3. Singularity (2 Parts)
  4. Scary Maze Game
  5. Minecraft
  6. Paranormal (2 Parts)
  7. Haunt
  8. Sonic.exe
  9. One Late Night (2 Parts)
  10. Surgeon Simulator 2013
  11. The Walking Dead
  12. Remember Me
  13. Watch Dogs
  14. "Welcome to Oculus" (Oculus Rift DK2)
  15. RiftCoaster HD (Oculus Rift DK2)
  16. Five Nights at Freddys 2
  17. Among the Sleep (2 Parts)
  18. Mope.io

Mum Watches (2017)[edit | edit source]

  • Mum Watches Haircut Whisper ASMR
  • Mum Watches "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"
  • Mum Watches/Listens to ASMR Sounds
  • Mum Watches "Do Not Laugh Challenge - Kids Failing"
  • Mum Watches - "(YTP) Diana Tries to Disappear with a Blanket"
  • Mum Watches - "OSFirstTimer on a GameShow"
  • Mum Watches - "Mum tries out Thisi Build 9841494884"
  • Mum Watches - "OSFirstTimer gets a countless amount of errors"
  • Mum Watches - "Killer Clown Prank 3"
  • Mum Watches - "Dad Tries Out Windows 2022"
  • Mum Watches - "Dianer's Diner and their Irrelevent Title"
  • Mum Watches - "Tesla Loveday Commercial"
  • Mum Watches - "Philip Unboxes his Tik"
  • Mum Watches - "Diana Teleports with Power"
  • Mum Watches - "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2"
  • Mum Watches - "Philip Doesn't Know What Happened"
  • Mum Watches - "Optical Illusion - Hypnotic Spiral"
  • Mum Watches - "Philip Doesn't Know What It Is"

The channel currently has over 8000 subscribers and 41 videos.