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Let's Explore, currently known as Let's Explore Community Hub, is a YouTube channel created by Philip Adams for his YouTube Millionaire channel.

Originally, Philip used the channel, until he couldn't do it anymore. For about a month, the channel was inactive.

Other people liked the idea of Let's Explore, so they decided to make their own versions. These included Let's Explore UK and Let's Explore Slovakia.

Philip made it active again but released a video saying he wouldn't use the account, but instead let other YouTubers post their videos on the channel. He also renamed the account 'Let's Explore Community Hub'

It currently has 519 subscribers and also has its own wiki.

Notable YouTubers who did the challenge include MightyEagle73, who continued Philip's journey from where he left off, and even Victor Tran, who did Let's Explore theShell OS.

A funny part in one of MightyEagle73's videos is where he says he uses a bus stop to catch a train.

This is the link to the wiki: http://lets-explore.wikia.com/wiki/Let%27s_Explore_Wiki