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The OSFT Historic VLogs YouTube channel

OSFT Historic VLogs, or OSFirstTimer Historic VLogs, is a historic-type channel about Philip's family and life (from 1992 to now). This is the 6th channel that Philip has ever created thought his YouTube career. The YouTube channel was created on 26th December, 2014.

File:OSFT Historic VLogs- Surface Pro 3 - Unboxing.png
Philip, unboxing a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in one of the channel's videos

The first video that was ever uploaded to this channel was titled "OSFT VLog | Late 1996 - Toddler Philip at Home", showing Philip when he was 2 years old, playing with his toys at home. The second video to be uploaded was titled "OSFT VLog | March 9th 2014 - Converting Old VHS Tapes To Digital", showing Philip and Diana converting VHS tapes from a Samsung Player via a Pinnacle Dazzle capture card on his old PC, the Lenovo ThinkStation S20.

On February 8th 2019, he started the OSFT Archive series, where Philip summarizes his formerly private vlog series named Massive Archive (which started in May 2008) while showing clips of them. He also points out differences between his past and present self and where his past self was quite unprofessional or bad. Before he started that series, he uploaded random vlogs of the Massive Archive, alongside videos/vlogs dating back even further. He uploaded them in their entirity rather than edited, shortened and/or commentated, like it is in the reinterpreted OSFT Archive series. This was the original purpose of the channel. The series later unexpectedly came to an end on December 5th 2019 with the March 2010 episode, after which it was revealed that the series of videos were only done because of renovations (that lead to dormancy on the main OSFirstTimer channel at the time). Despite many people requesting (and in some cases begging for) the series to continue, Philip has over the years consistently stated that the likelihood of the series returning is very low, and despite the discontinuation of the series, Philip has never bothered posting any other videos from the Massive Archive again in raw and unedited form (as had been done before the OSFT Archive series began), leading to quite a few cliffhangers.

The most popular video on OSFT Historic VLogs (as of 04/23/2024) is "Moving From Sydney To Tasmania (19th - 23rd January 2018)" with over 190K+ views.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

The statistics for OSFT Historic VLogs (as of 04/23/2024):

  • Views: ~1.5M
  • Subscribers: 6,340
  • Videos: 167