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File:Massive Archive - First Video.png
Philip in his first archive vlog from May 12th 2008

The Massive Archive, or just Massive Archive, is a series/archive of vlogs Philip Adams has created and is adding videos upon since May 12th, 2008. It used to be private and for family purposes, before Philip decided to publish some of the videos onto the OSFT Historic VLogs channel in their entirety (in early 2015) and making shortened clips of them be included in a summary/commentary series named OSFT Archive (which started in February 2019).

Philip started the archive off with filming himself on a webcam that is placed on top of his Windows Vista PC monitor. He then proceeded to make videos about his school and home life and what he wanted to learn and do as of then. His main focus was on software engineering and programming in which he even chose to have classes at school. His family was also occasionally involved in his vlogs, participating in pranks that Phil set up and looking at some features and games.

Notable Videos[edit | edit source]

2008[edit | edit source]

  • 12 May - first archive video
  • 13 May - first video featuring Diana (and Ben, later on)
  • 18 May - first video featuring Nana
  • 8 June - first video featuring Barry (Phil's grandpa)
  • 15 June - first video with Nana and Barry in the same shot
  • 6 July - first video featuring Matthew
  • 29 September - first video outside of Phil's bedroom
  • 5 October - first "Sunday lunch" video
  • 12 December - Phil finds out Diana is pregnant
  • 15 December - Phil gets an iPod Touch 2nd generation.

2009[edit | edit source]

  • 1 January - first video not filmed in 2008
  • 17 March - Phil unboxes his MacBook.
  • 20 April - Phil goes to the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
  • 28 June - Last Sunday lunch with Nana.
  • 24 July - Jasmine is born.
  • 27 July - Last appearance of Nana in the archive
  • 4 August - Jasmine comes home from the hospital