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Diana Adams (born July 7, 1973) is the main OS Tester on the OSFirstTimer YouTube channel. Diana is the mother of OSFirstTimer creator, Philip Adams. She also stars on the channels TerrifiedMum and OSFT Historic VLogs, both created by Philip.

As of 2024, Diana is 51.[1]

Family & History[edit | edit source]

She has both Australian and Croatian ancestry. Her mother came from Dubrovnik, Croatia. Both her parents and her brother (and only sibling) have passed away, making her closest relatives by blood, excluding her children, no longer alive. She also has a cousin named Zoran, but it is not known whether he is alive or not.

Diana's first proper interactions with a computer were in her eleventh school year (in 1989), where she programmed with a Tandy TRS-80 computer which had most likely 64 KiB of RAM. Those 64 KiB RAM were later remembered incorrectly by her as her first computer being 64-bit in terms of computer processor architecture, which was impossible, as it didn't exist at that time. The programming language she was learning to use on that computer was BASIC. Since then, she did not use computers for several years. With the start of her job as an accountant, she started to use computers again, being introduced to Windows XP and Microsoft Office (mostly Word and Excel).

She has been married to Ben since October 3rd, 1992, and has two children, Philip and Jasmine.

Diana currently has chickens (normal and silky ones) as pets. In the past, she had guinea pigs and budgies as pets. They also had mice and sheep, but the mice died in 2019. They also moved the sheep to a different home.

During 2022, Diana Adams ran for United Australia Party's senate which was known to be very controversial due to their stance on certain policies during COVID (e.g: Vaccination, and Lockdown).

Progression[edit | edit source]

During the first episodes of OSFirstTimer, Diana was, as said by herself, very computer illiterate due to only ever using Windows XP for basic accountant tasks on an old Toshiba laptop. However, over time, she began to understand operating systems and their user interfaces and even had her laptop dual booted to use Elementary OS and eventually upgraded to Windows 8.1 when she got an Alienware 14 as her new laptop. As of now, she is no longer using the Alienware 14. She upgraded to the Lenovo Yoga 910, due to the Alienware laptop being heavy and uncomfortable when placed on her legs, however that laptop has recently broke down, and she has replaced it with a DELL XPS 17 (9700), as it had a touch screen, a backlit keyboard, and it was fast[2]. Her Alienware 14 was passed down to her husband Ben and replaced his former 2009 MacBook (which he has passed on to his brother Matthew). Ben now uses Android as his main operating system and has passed his Alienware 14 to their daughter, Jasmine. However as of 2020, Jasmine no longer uses the Alienware 14 laptop that Ben had had previously due to her now having a new Mwave computer.


  1. On "Mum tries out Risc OS 3.11", Diana says that she got married in 1992 at the age of 19.
  2. She spoke about her new laptop in replies to her own comment on MightyEagle73's video where he met Phil and Diana. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm3XircFhk8