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Ben Adams (born September 20, 1971) is the father of Philip and Jasmine Adams, and the husband of Diana Adams. His first minor appearance is in the video Mum Tries Out Windows Chicago Build 73g (1993), where he is shown in video footage from early 2009, unboxing a low-range MacBook together with Philip. Later, he appeared in the introduction scene of the OSFirstTimer episode Mum Tries Out MikeOS 4.4 (2013), where he was playing the role of PC. He made his first major appearance in the episode Dad Tries Out Windows 98 SE (1999) With Mum Watching. He married Diana on October 3, 1992.

It is implied by Philip that Ben is as computer illiterate as Diana was when she first appeared on the OSFirstTimer YouTube channel. This is because he originally used Mac (on the previously mentioned MacBook) and had no experience with other operating systems (such as Microsoft Windows and/or Linux distributions). Therefore, tasks were difficult, and still are somewhat hard for him to complete. Alongside his computer illiteracy, he is also known for being confused and silly and for his narrow-mindedness most of the time, which Diana and Phil often joked about in the past. Diana also calls him a drama queen, due to him tending to act overly surprised or shocked about things/actions that are not major. Running gags of his on OSFirstTimer episodes are continuously misclicking or saying that he has finished and is about to go.

Nowadays, he uses ColorOS (powered by Android) on his phone, the Oppo AX5, as he passed down Diana’s old Alienware 14 laptop with Windows 10 to Jasmine and gave his former 2009 MacBook to his brother, Matthew.