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Jasmine Adams (born July 24, 2009), also known as Jazzy, is Philip's little sister, who had her debut on OSFirstTimer in the video Top 3 Worst And Best Operating System User Interfaces. Her actual debut was in Minecraft - Played By A 2 Year Old on the YouTube Channel I2padams. Jasmine also appears in the OSFT Historic VLogs channel.

On January 14, 2019, she created her own YouTube channel named Char Char Gaming, in which she does Let's Plays of many popular computer games and online games with and without her older brother Philip (The creator of OSFirstTimer). She also now has a newer channel called My Pekingese Riki where she uploads videos about the Adams' family's Pekingese dog.

Her computers[edit | edit source]

Her first computer she had owned was a 2013 Alienware 14 laptop which had previously been owned by her father Ben, and was used from 2013 to 2017 by her mother Diana. Ben no longer uses the laptop since he switched to the the 2018 Oppo AX5. Jasmine however no longer uses it since she had received a computer from Mwave in January 2020.

The graphics card in her new Mwave computer is the lowest tier you can find in the GeForce shopping area, and when comparing it to Philip's graphics card, which was the best card back in 2014, it was identified that her card is much better than Philip's. When her family was buying a new computer for Jasmine, they were originally going to get an Alienware computer. Due to the price though, which was mildly expensive, they ended up buying the computer from Mwave.

Her computer was equivalent of what she was going to get from Alienware, except the fact that it came with faster RAM, and the case is different. Philip set up her PC and had her and Diana to come into the room four separate times, and every time they left, Philip would or wouldn't change the refresh rate to see if they could notice a difference. To test this, they got a window and they moved it around the screen to see if they could notice a difference or not.