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File:I2padams channel (November 2018).png
The I2padams YouTube channel

I2padams (i-2) is one of Philip's older discontinued YouTube channels, where he posted a series of videos about his experiences with lucid dreaming, but also a bunch of other stuff, like a gameplay series about his self-made PC game called "Histacom" - showing how to navigate through the game, what features the game has and how you should correctly complete it; and a series called "Up To Date", where Philip demonstrates the changes between older and newer Windows operating-systems (f.e. Windows 95) and the next version above that old version, but also a few other videos, including the videos, where his younger sister Jasmine had her first appearances e.g. Jasmine playing Minecraft and Jasmine eating a yucky lunch.The channel name resembles a previous channel Philip had called 12padams.

Unfortunately, he quit posting videos on the I2padams channel back in August of 2012, because he thought it became a complete mess of videos, with videos that didn't relate to one another, however the channel is still on Youtube and the videos can still be viewed. The channel was discontinued in August 2012 and OSFirstTimer began in November that year.

Videos on the channel:[edit | edit source]

  1. Histacom Gameplay Trailer HD (Free Download Of Game) (2010)
  2. Up To Date: MS-DOS to Windows 1.01 (2010)
  3. Up To Date: Windows 1.01 to Windows 3.11 (2010)
  4. Up To Date: Windows 3.11 to 95/98/2000/Me (2010)
  5. Up To Date: 95/98/2000/Me to XP (2010)
  6. Up To Date: Windows XP to Vista (2010)
  7. Up To Date: Windows Vista to Windows 7 (2010)
  8. Histacom - Ultra Realistic Hacking Game HD Gameplay (2011)
  9. Histacom Ultra Realistic Hacking Game HD Gameplay Part 2 'Dangers of Piracy' (2011)
  10. Histacom - Ultra Realistic Hacking Game HD Gameplay Part 3 'Time Travel' (2011)
  11. Enter The Phase - Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences Song (2012)
  12. Exiting the Physical Body Footage Test (2012)
  13. Scary Phase Experience Simulation - False Awakening (2012)
  14. Soon I'm Gonna Fade Away - Phillip Adams 2012 (2012)
  15. Minecraft Played By A 2 Year Old (2012)
  16. Codelink on iPad 2 using Splashtop (2012)
  17. No! That's My Yucky Lunch (2012)
  18. 12padams Phase Experiences - Experience 2 - Day 35 (2012)
  19. 12padams Phase Experiences - Experience 1 - Day 19 (2012)
  20. 12padams Phase Experiences - Experience 5 - Day 77 (2012)
  21. 12padams Phase Experiences - Experience 8 - Day 143 (2012)

The channel has 21 videos and over 1000 subscribers.