Ubuntu 12.10 (2012)

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File:Diana - Ubuntu.png
Diana using the OS.

Ubuntu 12.10 (released in 2012) was the 2nd operating system Diana tried, it is also her first Linux-based OS. This video is known as a disaster video as so much content and information provided by Philip is wrong, even the way he pronounced Ubuntu (Philip pronounced it as "Abanchoo"). Philip claimed that a converter was required for text documents and that the conversion took 10 seconds as opposed to it being instant and there not even being a converter. It was after this video that Philip would research the OS in more depth before getting Diana to test it.

OS Info[edit | edit source]

Ubuntu 12.10 is a free operating system that is based off the Linux kernel. It is the most popular Linux distribution ever (as of 2012). It uses the Unity desktop environment and is a Debian-based distribution. The main disadvantage of this operating system is compatibility, as to run Windows applications, you will need a third-party application called Wine, however, some Windows apps may not work with Wine.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

  • Change your desktop background
  • Visit the Gmail website
  • Write and save a text document
  • Quit Firefox
  • Calculate 680 x 45
  • Find where your downloaded applications are stored
  • Turn off your computer

Diana's Review[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the video, Diana said "Well let's hope it's better than Windows 8 because Windows 8 is crap." as Ubuntu was the second OS she tried after her disastrous first experience with Windows 8. Diana thought this OS was logical, simple and easy to navigate, she liked everything about it apart from the hiding of the close, maximize and minimize buttons at the top of the bar when a window is maximized. She preferred Ubuntu over Windows 8 saying that she thought it looked modern, bringing up that she thought Windows 8 looked like an OS from the 90s. Diana was even willing to pay for Ubuntu (If it was a paid product) providing that compatibility wasn't an issue.

See also[edit | edit source]

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