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Description[edit | edit source]

She's back again with another distro of her favorite kernel so far: Linux. Last time she tried Ubuntu (most popular version of Linux) but this time she has decided to try Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition 14 as requested by a viewer of her previous videos. Does she like it? Watch and find out ;) (note I correct a few myths about Linux I made in the Ubuntu video in this video)

Tasks Given: - What time is it? - Write, save and open a text document - Customize the way your computer looks - Open the documents folder - Open a PDF file - Open a Doc (Microsoft Word) file - Download and install google sketch up (Wine Preinstalled) - Turn off your computer

The mother in this video only ever uses Windows XP running with the classic win95 theme. Would you like to see her try out other operating systems such as windows longhorn or non-microsoft operating systems through history? Then give your suggestions in the comments section.

Give this video lots of likes, views, favorites and comments if you want my mum to try out other operating systems. I am open to any operating system suggestions you give especially if these videos go semi-viral (over 100,000 views). This channel is dedicated to me "introducing" people (mum, dad, me) to different operating systems they have never used before and leaving them to suffer in confusion struggling to do anything in an unknown computer environment... or see if these other operating systems are better than Microsoft Windows.

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