Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition (2012)

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File:Diana - Linux Mint.png
Diana using Linux Mint.

In this episode, Diana uses Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon Edition.

Linux Mint Info[edit | edit source]

Linux Mint is a 32 bit and 64 bit series of distributions, all based on Ubuntu and Debian. New versions of this distribution are released every 6 months, the latest version (as of 2020) is Linux Mint 20 codenamed Ulyana. It started life as a Kubuntu based Linux distribution codenamed Ada. Version 2.0 was based on Ubuntu 6.10. The codenames are based on female's names.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

File:Mum tries out Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition 14 (2012)
  • What time is it?
  • Write, save and open a text document
  • Customize the way your computer looks
  • Open the documents folder
  • Open a .pdf file
  • Open a .doc (Microsoft Word) file
  • Download and install Google SketchUp
  • Turn off your computer

Bug Splat[edit | edit source]

The second-to-last task was to download and install Google Sketch Up, which is a Windows program. It installed correctly, but after running it, an error popped up, saying "SketchUp has produced a Bug Splat" because of the graphics card. This was referenced in some future episodes of OSFirstTimer. Phil described this occurrence as 'It tried to be compatible.".

Diana's Review[edit | edit source]

Diana was curious about the name of this distro. After Philip first mentioned it in the video, she responded: "What's that? for cooks?" After Diana first saw Linux Mint 14's boot screen, she described it as "Nice, simple, uncluttered." she described the main interface the same way and thought it looked very professional. Diana really liked this OS and she found it logical, very uncluttered and she liked that when you hover the cursor over an icon that it shows a label of what the program/action is. Diana's only struggle with this OS was finding out how to customize the look. It is one of her favourite operating systems yet and she even placed it top of her Top 3 Best Operating System User Interfaces list. Diana preferred Linux Mint over Windows 8 and Microsoft BOB and at the time said she would use it as her next option when Windows XP lost support.

Phillip: "So, what did you think?"

Diana: "I found it easy to navigate, logical, uncluttered, and I liked when I ran the cursor over the things, the way it told me what they were for."

See also[edit | edit source]

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