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Please unblock all the anon users on the SNFW wiki. UlrichJamison99, TehEpicNess, Dvader24, Penfold1, Trakkover, Fellock8840 are now vandalizing the SNFW wiki. Please block them and then unblock all the anon users on the SNFW wiki.

Here are the reasons Dvader24: Vandalism Penfold1: Removing content from pages Trakkover: Marking pages for deletion GoCommitDi: Spamming links to sites UlrichJamison99: Inserting nonsense/gibberish into pages JamesTallow: Inserting nonsense/gibberish into pages Fellock8840: Inserting false information Robby Warren: Inserting false information

All except GoCommitDi should have the banned template. Please block those users and turn on anon editing please. Ok. Follow my instructions. Give them a warning first. Ok<ac_metadata title="SNFW anon"> </ac_metadata>