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Diana and Philip made, 2 months ago prior to them making the video, to ask their viewers to send in some clips. The winners were:

  • MajorSky17 - he was talking about Windows Neptune build 5111
  • Sven Hoffmann - he was talking about the history of operating systems
  • Jos Nienhuis - showing us his home theater system
  • Kevin Bhasi - showing that he still uses Windows 2000
  • Garrett B - telling us the 5 hidden things that you can do with Windows XP
  • Avery Miller - his review on Google Glass
  • André Zlatin
  • Cameron
  • Isaac Mercer - showing us nOS
  • Sean - how to get the Start Menu back

There were also several runner ups such as:

  • Jakey Pearce (who, apparently, was the only child in the video with a disability to enter) - talking about text based OSes and why he prefers them over modern operating systems such as Ubuntu