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Description[edit | edit source]

This video involves an inexperienced computer user attempting to use a variety of operating systems for the first time and ranking them based on how much she likes/dislikes them. The user interface, default programs and user friendliness are what's being tested here.

Diana has tried 12 different operating systems so far but what's her favorite? What about the worst operating systems? Although she tried to compare operating systems generally at the end of each video these were not accurate opinions since the period between trying different operating systems was so long that she forgot what each operating system was actually like. Now she has re-watched her videos and chosen the worst 3 and the best 3 operating systems.

Please remember that this list of best and worst operating systems is only based on the 12 operating systems she tried. Operating systems such as Windows 7 or Mac OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion may have been on this list however since she didn't test them we couldn't add them to either of the lists.

The 12 operating systems she tried were:

Windows 1.01 (1985) Windows 3.11 (1992) MS-DOS 6.22 (1994) Microsoft BOB (1995) Mac OSX 10.2 Jaguar (2002) Joli OS 1.2 (2011) Windows 8 (2012) Ubuntu 12.10 (2012) Elementary OS Luna Beta 1 (2012) Kubuntu 12.10 (2012) Zorin 6.1 (2012) Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon Edition (2012)

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