AstralPhaser is a channel, where Philip Adams publishes video series of games he plays and films with either his real camera, for facecam-like videos, or a screen recorder. He has also tried out some demos for his Oculus Rift. The channel is now home to the Gaming Through the Ages series and the AstralPhaser Weekly Chats. He took a break in publishing AstralPhaser videos in late December of 2012, but he came back on 4th November 2014 by posting a video called AstralPhaser Plays UE4 Rollercoaster | Oculus Rift DK2. Phil went on to play more Oculus Rift games and then did a 7 part playthrough of 'Dig or Die'. The channel is also home to the Victor Tran Song.

The AstralPhaser YouTube channel
File:AstralPhaser- Let's Play Minecraft Equivalent Exchange 2 - Episode 25.png
AstralPhaser playing the Minecraft mod "Minecraft Equivalent Exchange 2" in one of his older videos

Originally the channel was created as something to distract Philip from his RSI, he would record let's plays and doing this allowed him to focus on something other than RSI, this helped him progress in overcoming it. The channel was initially named RSI Gamer however this was changed as the whole point of the channel was to forget about RSI, so Philip changed the name to AstralPhaser which linked to his Phase experiences.

Gaming Through the Ages Edit

File:Gaming Through The Ages Phase 2 - 1988 - Virus - DOS.png
Philip playing the game Virus for DOS as a part of Phase 2 of the Gaming Through The Ages series

In late 2015 Philip created the Gaming Through the Ages series where he plays console games dating from 1975 onwards into the present day and discusses the evolution of gaming graphics, the years progress in each episode. Currently, Phase 1 has been completed where a game from every year has been played through, now the series is in Phase 2 where the cycle is repeated with different games for the individual years.

Series Description:

'Over the last few decades, games have evolved in both scope and graphics. It's time to have a look back at the history of games in chronological order!

'Our first episode will start back in 1975 with a random game played on a random computer or console. Each episode from there will take us to the next year (e.g. 1976, 1977, 1978 etc...) until we reach modern times. Be sure to comment on what game to try next ensuring that you list a game made one year after the one just played.'

'Once we reach modern times (e.g. 2016) we will jump back to 1975 and start again playing a different group of games. I hope you all have fun joining me as we explore the history of video games!'

'Please note: Episodes will be short (30 minutes max). This series will briefly explore a range of games, not play them from start to finish however for really exciting games there may be Part 1/Part 2 so we can explore them a little further.

AstralPhaser Weekly Chats Edit

The channel also used to upload Weekly Chats that were held on the AstralPhaser Central Discord server (now called bits & Bytes), where discussions and questions were being asked. The episodes are unedited as of #Episode11. The series has been discontinued since episode #22.